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All students will love the snacks and gifts included in Bridge Box! The specific conversations about emotional wellness and mental health benefit all college students because this stuff can come up at any time for college students. Let us know what year of school your child is in and we will do our best to make sure the box is a perfect fit!!

Each care package is full of great stuff for your college student and one box will certainly be appreciated!! AND, in a perfect world, students would get Bridge Box every month and here’s why: Bridge Box was created by a counselor who spent years studying the common problems that show up for college students and when they tend to occur. Bridge Box is designed to address these challenges and potential issues as they come up (from first getting to school, the pink cloud phase, after that pink cloud phase, different phases of friends, exams, holidays, returning to school, when things get tough and when it’s almost done). Also, students are busy and they often forget to take care of themselves. Bridge Box serves as a reminder for students to practice self-care so they can be their best selves. They will also get access to a video series that speaks to each theme presented in the box with new videos being uploaded regularly.

Each box will have

  • a TON of fun and healthy snacks
  • A “parent pouch” (full of a couple of life’s necessities—chap stick, ear plugs, soaps, laundry sticks, etc)
  • Positive affirmation and empowerment cards and stickers throughout the whole box (to build up your college student every month!)
  • Two to three, 5×7 cards with information about a different theme. These cards will contain specific skills, definitions, questions to consider and a link to a video series with more information.
  • 2019 Fall semester themes are:
    • Month 1. Self-care and safety
    • Month 2. Anxiety
    • Month 3. Depression
    • Month 4. Addiction
    • Month 5. Eating issues
We will also be posting photos or videos on our social media sites

We encourage all students to join us on Instagram or Facebook and our website where we are dedicated to helping students find the right resources. They can find these links in each box. It is set up in a clear way where students can click on whatever theme they are looking for and find access to specific skills, videos, articles, and blogs. If you, or your student, have a specific question about something in our box, please feel free to email us at

If there is a particular item or snack that you didn’t like in the box, let us know and we will make sure you get something you do like!!!  You can email us at we will be posting surveys for students to do on our social media sites every month.

When you subscribe to Bridge Box, there will be a list of questions about the specific needs and requests of each student and we will tailor their box to suit those needs.

We are so excited you want to join us. Navigate to the bottom of our website or click the “Sign Up” button here to view our products. Choose a plan and fill out the questionnaire about your college student during the checkout process. We will get their box to them as soon as possible. You will have options for how long you want your subscription. Your credit card will be billed right away.

You can cancel your care package for your college student any time you wish. Please cancel 2 weeks prior to your student’s ship date, which is the first week of each month, so we can be sure to cancel before shipping and refund your money. If you are signed up for the 6 month or 12 month plan, you must pay for 2 boxes before you will have the option to cancel or pause your subscription. And good news, you can come back any time!!!!

Semester Packages

~Free Shipping on packages of 4 boxes or more~

(normally $7.00 per box)


1 Semester = 5 Boxes
2 Semesters = 10 Boxes

  • Boxes will ship out a week after a student’s school start date and then the 1st of every month
  • These boxes also have options to add special holiday and birthday boxes.

IMPORTANT: If you want your student to receive their package the first week of school, we must have your order NO LATER than 1 week prior to their start date.

**Contact us if you would like to cancel your package. Visit FAQS above to learn more

Fall Semester:
August 1st through December 31st

Spring Semester:
January 1st through May 31st

**SPRING 2020 Semester orders need to be in by January 20th. If you don’t know your child’s mailing address, just substitute the billing address for the mailing address and email us by January 20th.

In addition to an array of fun and healthy snacks your student’s care package will contain tools, tips and resources pertaining to mental and emotional health to provide guidance through their college experience.


Monthly Box

Do you want to try Bridge Box before signing up for one of our packages or subscriptions? By purchasing a Single Bridge Box, you can receive all of the mental health benefits without the long term commitment.

  • Shipping is $7 per box.

We ship out our boxes in cycles, meaning that you will receive your box on the first day of the subsequent month of signup. For example, if you purchase your Bridge Box on October 16th, your first box will ship November 1st.

March Anxiety Box

In March’s Box we talk about Anxiety again because is such an important topic. We have included tools and tips to help people cope with and move through stress and anxiety.

Snacks: Scooby Snacks, Thinsters, Combos, Fuitmojis, Nature Valley Snack Mix, Planters, 2 Nutella, Kind Bars, Handy Snacks, Veggie Chips, Beef Stick, 2 snapped Cheez-It Snacks, 2 Propel, 1 Starbucks

Self Care Tools: Essential Oil, Mesh stress ball

From Home: Tide to go, Stain remover

Birthday Box

Celebrate our student’s birthday by sending them a Birthday Box. The box has the birthday month’s mental wellness Tools and Tips, PLUS customized gifts, snacks and other birthday surprises!

Exam Survival Box

The Exam Box is full of foods that are scientifically proven to boost focus and brain power. We also have fun snacks to get your student through their cram sessions. Each box contains study tips and tools to help students stay organized and cope with nerves.

What's Inside the Box?

Fun: Things They Want!
Delicious snacks and food items, custom holiday and birthday boxes and other fun surprises they will love! Words of encouragement in every box!!

Necessary: Things They Need!
Every month has a special bag stuffed with toiletries, band-aids, and other seasonal must haves!

Guidance: Things To Know!
Life tips for stress relief, motivation, organizing, budgeting, & mental health such as depression, anxiety. They get access to a video series online to help learn more if they choose.

We will post the content of each box every month on our website, Facebook or Instagram. This will be posted mid month (so we don’t ruin the surprise!).